Making your business a little greener

There’s a lot of businesses at the forefront of environmental debate, for good and bad reasons alike. Making sure there’s not much of an impact on the physical world around is is something that the corporate world is focusing more and more on as a result. With your startup, you could be at the helm of revolutionising the business model.

Now that you’ve settled into your new job, and you’re no longer too worried about whether or not you’ll make it, it’s time to make sure your business is going the extra mile to be sustainable. Customer and investor alike will appreciate these efforts, and your reputation can quickly sore through the roof!

Hand Out Reusable Bags

If you’ve got a retail option right there in your main physical location, you’re probably churning out carrier bags left right and center, making sure you’re as convenient for the customer as possible. But plastic carrier bags, whilst seeming a cheap option in the short run, actually have a very bad long term effect on your business. Not only are you going to be shedding thousands in profit on them year to year, but you’re going to be severely increasing the size of your carbon footprint in the process.

So instead, why not use some printed carrier bags instead? It’s an investment that will work out cheaper for you, and can even make people less likely to want a bag as they’re probably going to have to cough up a few pennies to be able to use a reusable. All in all, it’s going to save you a good amount of money, and it’s going to help you do your bit for the environment.

Make Everything Digital

Not only are digital files easier to sort through, but they also remove the need for anyone to order in more paper packs and templates from the supplier to store customer details and recent transactions on. It’s less of a hassle, and it’s less of an impact on the planet, and your business isn’t going to be any the worse for it!

Something as simple as emailing their customers their receipts after a transaction, rather than print one out on paper, is going to save you a lot of money and the trees on our planet their skin! And if you don’t want to get rid of paper completely, make sure you’re only buying packs of it with the PCW seal of approval on the side. If you’re using recycled paper and only recycled paper in your business, you’re going to severely reduce the carbon footprint your shop or office is already working with.

Your business will thrive for a lot longer when it’s eco friendly, so make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep it as sustainable as possible within your local business economy. It’ll always be a worthy investment!

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