Making your nomadic business more connected

Making your nomadic business more connected

Would you consider yourself a nomadic entrepreneur? If you’re do, and you love the idea of being able to travel as you work, then you’re probably into the digital side of things. Even on its own, running a blog can open up so many brand collaborations and sponsorship deals – it’s a very viable business model!

Not to mention you love being able to hop back and forth across the world, constantly keeping friends and family in the know about where you are and what you’re doing, and you love that anyone who wants to subscribe to you, or buy from you, can indulge in the same way!

But then comes the issue of customer service, especially if you yourself are providing a product or service for people to buy into to fund your travels, or if you had a physical business before you decided to take some time out. And it can be very hard to keep up with: thankfully, there’s some considerations you can make.

Allot Some Time for Working

If you’re planning to work whilst you travel, you’re going to have to set yourself up with a clear schedule before you go, considering you have a business mindset and a detailed itinerary in hand, or when you arrive at your destination, if you’re someone who prefers to go with the flow. After all, once you get the lay of the land and everything you want to see or do when you get there, you’re going to be able to allocate working and leisure time in a more realistic manner!

So get yourself to your accommodation, map out where the sites are and how much time you want to spend with them, and then use the moments in between to sit down with your laptop and get back to the daily grind. Thankfully, many hotels and hostels alike now have WIFI for you to hop on and get busy with.

Make Sure There’s a Phone Line

When you’ve got a phone line and a help desk on your side, you’re going to limit the amount of customers who abandon you and your products simply because they’re unable to reach you. Sure, you have a website with an FAQ and refund terms clearly set out in the ecommerce section, but sometimes your customer service needs to go deeper than face value.

So look into investing in some answering services, as calling up a business to sort out an issue is the most effective way to make sure it’s done right, and the customer knows that! Have someone around to man the phone, even when they don’t directly work for your company, and watch as more and more transactions go through. Don’t worry, you can set the terms of what to say!

Your nomadic business needs more availability from you, but that doesn’t have to be impossible!

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