Ready for your first office? Read this!

Ready for your first office? Read this!

One of the most exciting and terrifying milestones in business is getting your first real office space. When you work from home, it’s comfortable. And cheap! Yet at some point, you may find that you’re in the position to grow. You may need more room, you may need to hire someone and have space to put them, you may need to improve your productivity (because we all know that working from home can be distracting). So if you’re thinking about getting your first office, here’s what to consider so that it’s not so scary after all.


The very first thing to think about here is where. Where should you be moving to? Should it be close to home or in a more convenient location for your staff or clients? There are a lot of factors that can come into play here. So it might be a better idea to come up with pros and cons for different areas, then do some viewing to see which feels right.


But then, another factor to think about is the entire process of obtaining the office, moving into it, and even whether you want to manage it or not. It can be tricky. So, at this stage, you may find that working with a professional company, like Allcott Commercial surveyors, is a plus. Maybe you need services to be carried out before you move, or maybe you want management in place. To save on that, you may even want to just look for a managed office space in the first place.


It’s also important for you to be thinking about the facilities you need too. Do you want kitchen space? Do you want bills included? Do you want security and a reception service? Make sure you know what you need and then what would be great to have as an extra too.

Growth Potential

Sometimes, you might want to think ahead. If you’re getting an office space that is tiny, and there’s no room to grow into it, you may be setting yourself up for failure. If you’re planning on growing soon, it might be an idea to get somewhere that you can expand on and fit more employees into quite easily.


But then also, here is where you might like to think about what your office is going to cost. Because you may know that you’re ready to do this, but it’s good to, first of all, be sure that this really is the right thing. And not only that, but that you’ve budgeted for it properly. You will want to know how much you’re willing spend, or what you can actually afford. Because this point can then determined everything else.

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