Office care to consider when just starting up

Office care to consider when just starting up

You’ve got an office plan in the works, and you’re about to finally have a headquarters for your small or part time business that isn’t out of your own home. But before you finally sign the deed on that rental agreement, or you put down the deposit for buying that one section of rooms in the block downtown, stop and have a think about whether this move would actually be good for your company.

Sure, you’ll have a much larger and much more capable operating space, but will you have the right amount of time, money, and attention to dedicate to it? Would it be better to stay put for now, and let your resources get a foothold on the expansion business first? Let’s think about that below.

You’ll Need to Keep it Clean and Tidy

Your new office will be a big place, when it comes down to it. Maybe you’ve only been working out of the corner of your living room so far, or you’ve been renting a cubicle from another company, and now you’ve got a whole suite of rooms to pad out. That’s a lot of legwork to get through compared to what you’ve experienced so far.

So there’s a good chance the mess can pile up on you in the first few months, and even after that you’ll need to have a third eye open for potential mess hazards littering the office floor. You’re going to have to fork out for office cleaning as well, which whilst a more cost effective option than staying longer to try and clear up yourself, is another expense on the books.

You’ll Have a Lot More Inventory

You’ve got an office to outfit, and that’s going to mean your inventory and your internal assets are going to be hit with an upgrade – a considerable one at that. You’ve got to make the office unit you have workable for any employees you’re bringing on board, and you need to have replacement equipment parts and pieces for when a battery runs out or a wire breaks. There’s a lot of maintenance involved in keeping an office working environment functional, and your stockroom should have a dedicated shelf for these concerns.

All in all, you’ve got a lot more furniture to invest in, you’ve got a break room to make comfortable, toilets to keep stocked and hygenic, as well as the need to pad out your technological capability. This could cost you thousands, and maybe even a third or half of the total budget you’re working with right now.

If you’re in a position to afford moving out into a new office, good for you! But make sure it’s absolutely the right decision for your business. Sure, you should take a risk every now and then, but only with a firm, working foundation.

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