Quick ways to spruce up the office

Quick ways to spruce up the office

Now that the spring is almost here, it is time to let go off the winter woes we’ve had for the last few months and look forward to warmer days and commutes in day light instead of pitch black. Working in an office can be a great thing but in the winter it can be a depressing place, with the lack lustre walls and plain desks we can feel as if we are in a lifeless and soulless place a lot of the time. However there are ways which we can upgrade the office for the spring to add some vibrancy and character to the whole space.

Lay down a new floor

The first thing which can go as soon as you start looking for ways to change the office is that old, grey or blue carpet. Most of the time we will notice that the carpets in our offices are pretty dull and lifeless and no one wants to be walking around on something which looks drab and cheap. Change up the scene with a light fluffy tufted carpet for high traffic in the office or go in a whole new direction with a wooden floor instead. It will make a bigger impact than you would think and it isn’t a big job to do either.

Add a fresh colour

Most offices will have a standard paint palette on the walls which is usually white or grey, or perhaps a light blue which makes the whole space feel boring and stale. If you are looking for the chance to change your office for the spring a great idea will always be to paint the wall a vibrant shade such as yellow or orange to bring warmth to the whole area. You can even go a step further and enjoy a patterned wallpaper on the walls to really bring some character to the room.

Hang some artwork

With the amount of time we spend in the office every week, it is almost like a second home, and there is no reason we can’t treat it this way. The office is a big part of everyone’s lives who work there so it is a good idea to make the space as comfortable as possible. You can hang some fun artwork all over the office depicting team getaways and lovely landscapes and it can be a great way to add fun to the office.

Add a seating area

During the day time in the office everyone needs the chance to head off for five or ten minutes and have a break. The best thing you can do is to bring a seating area to the office with a sofa and chairs and a coffee table. You can have fun with the sofa you pick and go for a vibrant colour or stick to a neutral shade and add colourful cushions on the top. Whichever you choose it will make a wonderful impact on the office for the spring and will make everyone happy to be there.

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