Product Packaging Hacks

When you decide to start up your own business there are a lot of different things you have to think about. One of the most important things, if you are planning to sell products, is the way that you will package and post them to your customers.

Packaging and posting for business is a huge decision to make because it will affect the way you are seen by your audience and the message you give off when they receive their product. You will want to check Parcel2Go for the best couriers to use for your business, and then once you are happy with that, you can move onto packaging ideas for your items.

Keep it simple

Think of companies such as Amazon. They have boxes which are sent out all over the world, and they have a simple logo on them which tells everyone where the product is from but doesn’t go any further than that. Sometimes the most simple design can be the most effective and everyone knows when they have received your parcel because the pattern is recognisable as you immediately. Think of a simple logo or image which you think perfectly sums up your company.


If you care about the environment and want to make a good impression when your parcel is received by the customer, you can make a point to use recycled boxes and paper and let them know that you have. You can stamp the fact onto the box and inside so that your customer knows that you have made the effort to be friendly to the environment. This will attract a lot more people because many people these days are very passionate about recycling.


Get your name out there. As we mentioned above, it is incredibly important that you get your name on the box or bag which houses your products because this exposes you to more people. If you have a bag or box with your company name all over it, from the moment it leaves your warehouse it will be on the show to the delivery drivers, couriers, mail sorters and then to your customers. Getting your name on everything you can is a great way to market your business.

Use colour

Colour and life can bring a boring packaging design to the next level and give you some personality. There are many ways to use colour in your packaging: you could go for a fun pattern, a block colour. Or simple have coloured text on the box. Whatever you choose, colour is sure to make your package stand out from the pile.

Be unique

If you have a winning idea for packaging your items, why not use it? You could be a cookie company to packages cookies in a cardboard oven. A seed company who packages seeds in a plantable box, or a clothing company who packages a shirt around a cardboard person. Think outside the box, literally, and you may be able to come up with something really awesome.


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