Don’t let your small business get buried onl...

Don’t let your small business get buried online!

Every single business starting out has to carve out a piece of digital space. The problem is that the digital world is HUGE! There are millions of websites and each of them compete to get to the top of the search engines. It is therefore vital that your business doesn’t get lost among the pages. Your brand should stick out as much as possible if you hope to gain traffic to your website.

A big part of improving your brand visibility is your investment in SEO. Using a company like Creed Marketing can help you to maximise your search engine optimization so that you’re using more than just keywords. Being able to be found online is so important, so you’ve got to look at all the ways that you can increase your online visibility, but that’s easier said than done. Below, we’ve got some brilliant tricks to getting your small business seen among the maze of websites, so that you don’t get entirely lost in the web.

“Google My Business” Listings.

Most places that have a physical brick and mortar business have already invested in their Google My Business listing, and if your small business is a physical one as well, then you should be thinking about investing in yours. Having this makes it far easier for people to find you in the area and it boosts your rankings. If you’ve got people searching for your business type and your location, and your business pops up, having your Google My Business set up makes this far easier.

Embrace Reviews.

Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad and rarely, they’re ugly as sin, but reviews are a good thing for your business. If you think about how you research your own vacations or restaurants, and how many times you look for good reviews, you can bet your customers will be doing the same thing about your business. If you have the capability online, you should switch on your online reviews and allow people to leave you feedback. 88% of people trust online reviews as they prefer real opinions from real people. Building a positive reputation online is so important for success in the digital world.

Content Creation Must Be Consistent.

Blogs are a fantastic way to build awareness of your brand. Not only will it improve your online traffic, if you add content to your blog that is going to be valuable and read well, people will continue to come back and read what you have to say. You could choose to outsource content creation so that your blog can be written if you don’t have the time to build it yourself. This can further help you to improve your business relationships and ramp up the way that you engage with people. Customer engagement is absolutely key if you plan to be successful with your business, and it means that you can get the best feedback off your potential customers, meaning that they can feel like they matter in the eyes of your business. The more people visit your site, the further up the rankings you go!

Optimize Your Website.

Not just SEO, you need to consider the user experience of your website if you want your company to be successful. People use their mobiles on the go which means that they are consistently trying to find local things to do. When you have a physical business to market, this means that your website needs to be readable, easy to access and the navigation should be easy for people. Creating a good mobile experience is key. Customers will be fickle and if your website isn’t optimized to smartphone and tablet, they will switch off and turn toward someone else. A good mobile experience will mean that your business will be easy to fine.

Planning your online marketing campaigns can be much easier if you have the tools to increase your visibility online. Being present on the internet and utilising the online space that you’ve been given will keep you bumped up the search results and where people can find you better. The whole idea is to turn those clicks into traffic and the better you do with that, the more revenue you can build for your company. Being seen is going to help you to earn more money and give your business a better chance of success.

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