Sleek office design will boost your business’...

Sleek office design will boost your business’ image

Imagine discovering the most amazing person for a business task that you need doing. Then going to visit them at their premises and what you find is a dark, dank, dingy office with mould on the walls and furniture that looks as if it’s been reclaimed from a skip outside. Would you be so keen to engage them then? Probably not, and that just illustrates the value of the image that your own office presents to your clients. A topic you can get some advice on in the post below.


First off, if you want to impress customers and clients, you will need to choose a modern look for your office. This means selecting office furniture with cleans lines, that is also well designed. Therefore you will need to stay away from the shaped desks with built-in cable tidies. Instead, go for simple rectangular desks with wooden tops and metal for the legs if possible.

Oh, and don’t forget to check that the materials used in creating this furniture are sustainable and as eco-friendly as well. Then, not only will you be doing your bit for the environment, but you can score extra points with your clients when giving them the tour too.


Minimalism is crucial when designing an office that will boost your professional business image. After all, if you can’t control clutter in your workspace, how organised and effective can you actually be at doing the task that you are employed for?

To that end, ensuring there is plenty of storage available for filing, as well as keeping on top of administration tasks is essential.


Your office can be modern, and minimal but if it’s not clean, and in good condition, it just won’t present the image that you are looking for. Of course, that means investing in a regular cleaner to come in after hours and take care of things.

However, you can also make the space easier to keep clean in the design phase by picking materials and surfaces that are hard wearing, and so resistant to wear, tear, and dirt.

In particular, using a poured concrete floor in the space, a look you can achieve by investing in some relativity inexpensive concrete grinding tools like the ones from carrdiamond is a good idea.  After all, it’s not only a modern and clean look but a hardy material as well.

Oh and don’t forget to use stain resistant carpet, and washable paint on the walls either. Then you can quickly spruce the place up if it starts to look worn before a client is due to visit.


Lastly, when it comes to a sleek office design remember that flexibility is also crucial. In fact, flexibility provides you with the space to do all sorts of different tasks and activity to meet your business’s need.

To achieve this, you can use a modular design system, which still allows you to change the dynamic of the space you are working in depending on the demand. This will then not only ensure your office looks great but that it performs impressively as well. Something that will wow your clients too!

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