What all entrepreneurs should be doing more of in ...

What all entrepreneurs should be doing more of in 2019!

As the festive season approaches, the majority of people go into a much slower mode as many people wind down their effort on the approach to Christmas, yet, for entrepreneurs, this is a time to get things in place prior to launching afresh with the energy of the brand new year.

In that vein, we’re going to take a look at what entrepreneurs should be doing more of as we approach the last year of this decade.

1. Optimise your website

Today, it’s not about having a website, it’s about having a “good” website and there are a number of key metrics to consider when it comes to this.  For instance, speed is a critical factor and whilst 4G is now commonplace and 5G will be coming in soon, meaning websites will load much faster – even on mobile devices – there’s still a requirement for you to optimise the speed of your website by using tools such as Pingdom and minifying JPEGs for instance.

2. Use data

There’s an abundance of data available to us, today, yet the majority of people aren’t even scratching the surface when it comes to data mining and using customer data for meaningful purposes.  Of course, gartner master data management can be a useful source of information on making the most from data, though there are also simple courses available on YouTube that can give you an overview of how to make the most from data.

3. Stay focused

We are living in a world of more and more distractions, to the point that we are often so bombarded with advertisements, social media notifications and overloaded with content that we are often living in a somewhat frazzled state where we are becoming much more “reactive” rather than responsive.

In this sense, it’s important to remain focused on your core goals – as in today’s climate, there are so many distractions vying for your attention, and not just in the sense of advertisements, but opportunities.  Today, there are so many options and opportunities that people can become overwhelmed, and as a result, stay where they are spinning their wheels rather than moving forward in a meaningful way in pursuit of a clear goal.

4. Outsource

If you’re not already outsourcing tasks, this is something you might want to focus on as we approach the New Year.  The world of freelancing and outsourcing tasks to highly qualified yet surprisingly cheap virtual assistants is booming.  We all need a little help from time to time, and if you’re finding yourself working on low value tasks such as uploading social media content, transcribing notes you’ve recorded, or searching for images – these are all tasks that you could outsource to a virtual assistant.

In summary, as we enter the new year, your website is going to become even more critical – so be sure to optimise it, the data that is available is becoming more and more pervasive and therefore it’s important to utilise it to drive business decisions, there’s a critical need to stay focused and within that vein, outsourcing low value tasks so you can focus on working on the business rather than in the business is best.

Christine Buske is a former academic who left science at the bench, and now considers herself a woman in tech. She is a frequently invited speaker, and enjoys talking about career transformation (particularly leaving academia for the business world), tech, issues around women in tech, product management, agile, and outreach. She is a proud Canadian resident, and qualifies as a "serial expat".

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