Small but mighty – getting your startup seen

Small but mighty – getting your startup seen

As the owner of a small business, it’s important to understand that being seen, by the right audience, as often as possible, is crucial to your initial success. It can be difficult to stand out, especially when there seems to be so much competition out there. However, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you’re putting your focus in the right direction so that you can attract a steady stream of new customers and clients, and build upon your initial success. It’s not about competing with all the major corporations; it’s about celebrating your niche, and what you can provide your consumers with. Focus on impressing them, and your followers, patrons, and clients, will expand over time.

There are a variety of ways to keep your brand out here, and they’ll be something to suit an array of different budgets. Don’t be put off by thinking that you have little marketing budget. You need to do some research, and utilize your time and efforts as effectively as possible. Therefore, it’s worth planning as much as possible now so that you can create a detailed plan moving forward, and attract the right crowd along the way. Stay true to your brand and business, and keep going; it might be a little slow at first, but you’ll soon build momentum. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for small business owners who want to give their presence a boost, for mighty startup success.

Character Counts

It’s worth remembering that your customers and potential customers will buy into your business because of who you are. You’ll already have spent plenty of effort on your branding. However, it’s really time to hone your brand’s identity, and, utilizing an array of marketing avenues can help you do this. Everything you put out acroos your digital platforms, printed items, displays, and any printed materials, need to be instantly recognizable as your business, and help to epitomize what you’re all about. That may sound overwhelming; however, if you’ve got strength in your branding, identity, and ethics, it will be easy to decide if whatever you’re thinking of doing will fit into your company marketing seamlessly. Things will just feel right, and you can continue with confidence.

Think about how you can make an impression and stick in people’s minds; leaving potential clients and customers with something fun or useful, is an excellent way to remind people of your business. It’s worth checking out sites like so that you can choose some quality promotional items that you feel would suit your company and what you provide. Having items like this to hand will allow you to hand them out in suitable environments and situations. Perhaps you can pop a keyring or a pin into any packages or communication you send out. Or, take some things to any trade shows or networking events that you attend. Bottle openers, badges, and keyrings can all come in handy, so you’ll be reminding people that you’re there on a regular basis, whenever they utilize their free gift. They’ll also associate your brand with a free item, which can only bring about positive thoughts and feelings about your business.

Communication Is Key

The best way to further your brand identity and explain what you’re all about is to keep communication as a top priority. Start by considering the tone of voice you plan to use across your website, on your social media platforms, and during any calls. Obviously, being friendly and polite is always a great place to start. However, many fresh brands are fun, energetic, and often, a little tongue-in-cheek. That’s why it’s so important to understand your audience and what they’ll appreciate. Take these points on board with any content you need to create. Website descriptions and bios, blog posts, and social media posts should all capture your brand’s identity, as well as providing the reader with something interesting so that they finish reading or seeing what you’ve put online, feeling like they’ve gained something.

You also need to be consistent with what you post online; allow your growing followers to understand when and how much content they’re likely to receive throughout the day or the week. The best thing that can happen is that your audience begin to look forward to what you pop online each day; you’ll be able to filter in your products or services, and any promotions you have, along the way. Make sure that you make the most of social media management tools and free services online; these will help you plan ahead, and ensure that you have a steady stream of content going up in all the right place. However, if comments or feedback are left by current or potential customers, anywhere; try to ensure that you response is prompt, and with an appropriate amount of that brand character you’ve worked so hard to fine-tune.

Take a similar approach to emails, calls, messages, and enquiries; nothing screams professionalism and reliability more than a quick and helpful response. You customer care should be second-to-none so that if minor hiccups do arise, they will not affect the trust that you’ve built with your patrons.

Being Tempting Is Attractive

Now that you’re putting your brand wherever you can, doing all you can to stick in people’s minds and communicate effectively; it’s time to be even more tempting. There’s always a quick and affordable way to attract more attention, and increase traffic to your website. Competitions and call-to-actions are the perfect chance to gain plenty of click-throughs. As with most online competitions, you’ll also be able to gather contact details and data from potential customers, ensure that sharing your comp is part of the entering process so that you reach a far wider audience, and hit the top of people’s feeds.

Ensuring that the fun and interesting stuff is all part of your brand, and its online presence, will help to ensure that people come back of their own accord. This will increase your natural traffic, and it all contributes to a better search engine ranking, which is usually the best way for you to be seen. Now, keep up the great work!

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