4 ways to improve your office kitchen

Whatever the size and shape of your team’s kitchen, you are always looking for ways to improve it. After all, your whole team spend their lunch breaks in here, and it has become the social hub of your company, and a place for you all to unwind. If you want to make your business kitchen look a lot better, but you don’t really know where to start, we’ve put together some tips to help you to begin your journey towards kitchen perfection. It will look so good, you’ll never think about a renovation again!

1. Change the cabinet doors

Sometimes the issue in your business kitchen is that the look is just a bit dated, and it may not be that you need to strip out all of the units and start again. Instead of doing this, you could just change the cabinet doors, to keep in line with a more modern theme of interior design, which you probably have running throughout the rest of your office. This is a cost effective way to spruce the kitchen up, so don’t strip it all out, just change the exterior!

2. Get spotlights

A lot of older kitchens are cursed with old and tired lighting, which quite frankly can make any space look boring. Using spotlights is a great way to make any room in your home or office look a lot more modern, and it also means that you can arrange them to shine onto areas of the kitchen where you need better lighting. Line them up above the work surfaces to make your business kitchen seem a lot brighter, and a lot more up-to-date too, so that it can look just as great as the rest of your office!

3. Give it a deep clean

From deep cleaning all of the cupboards to looking into grease trap cleaning, there are many ways to improve your business kitchen just by getting rid of all of the clutter, and cleaning it until it looks brand new again. If there are some repeat offenders in the office kitchen who aren’t too fond of cleaning up after themselves, make sure that you have a quiet word about this. Chaos is OK behind the cupboard doors, but keep it there if you can.

4. Paint, paint, and more paint

Aah, how we love a little DIY job. It is tried and tested, and we are pretty certain that there is nothing out there quite like a tin of paint, and somebody with the determination to make their business kitchen look great again. Grab yourself a roller, choose a brand new (and light) color, and get to work on making the kitchen look like it has had a new lease of life. You don’t always have to go for cream here, so look into the other colors that could add warmth without necessarily making it seem dark.

So, if you want to improve your business kitchen, why not try out these four simple tips? You’ll be feeling like you have the best office in town, so get your paintbrush at the ready, and do what you can to make it look perfect again!

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