Spread your brand – in a subtle way

We really don’t like those brands who are just in everyone’s faces all of the time. You know those annoying brands that you just feel like you can’t escape because they’re on the TV or radio every 5 minutes, and then you open up your social media and see them pop up again. It’s like they’re on some sort of mission to annoy the world, and it isn’t half working. We don’t think these company’s realise how much they’re ruining their own image by doing something like this, however. They’re annoying people, and catching their attention for all of the wrong reasons. God forbid if they have a super annoying jingle as well, people will literally refuse to use the company because of it. So, with all of that moaning about other companies over, we want to discuss with you how you can subtly spread your brand name. It won’t be so subtle that you won’t get noticed, but it will be subtle enough so that you don’t annoy the hell out of the people you’re trying to bring to your business!

Physically spreading the word

In the public eye is where you need to be, but as discussed, you don’t want to be out there so much so that everyone hates you and gets tired of seeing your brand. We think a good way of subtly promoting your business in public, is by giving out promotional cups & mugs to your customers. They will then use them at work, when they’re out, or when they’re having guests in their home, and your brand will begin to spread so subtly. It’s easy enough to do it, and it’s not that expensive either. You just have to know what to put on the mugs so that it stands out, yet doesn’t look boring! Another technique we like is billboard advertising. It’s a bit more out there than the mugs are, which can make it a little more risky. If people are driving past the same billboard advertisement for months, they’ll just get bored. So if you were going to do something like this long term, it’s really important that you mix up the style that you’re putting up!


The internet is the best place to do your advertising, there’s no hiding that. It’s so easy to catch the attention of so many different people, but it’s also so easy to get it wrong. If you’re choosing every single type of advertisement method, it’s going to become a little too in your face for people to handle. We recommend running two small campaigns at a time, as well as one in public. So you could use PPC and SEO, as well as the mugs and cups. Just mix up the ones that you’re doing until you really find one that works for you!

Protecting Your Brand
To protect your brand, you should always run your marketing campaigns through a number of different people before you release it to the public. It’s well known that companies can be a little too out there, and be accused of racism, sexism, and everything else under the sun. it’s no secret that this world is now a very sensitive place, so just make sure you’re conscious of that!

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