Things you should consider outsourcing in 2019

Things you should consider outsourcing in 2019

2019 is fast approaching, and there’s no better time to consider how you’re going to make your business more productive and successful in the coming year. One way to make your business more productive is by making sure you’re outsourcing the right services and processes. Below, we’ll discuss what you should be outsourcing and how to get it right. Take a look!

Before you outsource, you need to do the following:

Determine which tasks to outsource – some say that outsourcing only works well after a company has mastered a task in-house and has the ability to teach a third party how to perform the assignment the way they want it.

Expect to spend on training and recruiting upfront – this takes an initial investment to recruit the right parties.

Work together on something small first – Doing a paid test project will give you a sense of their working style and you can see if you are a good fit for each other.

Now, onto a few things you should consider outsourcing in 2019:

Infographic creation

Creating great infographics require plenty of time, and this can easily take you away from something even more important that you should be doing – it doesn’t matter how skilled you are at Photoshop. Hiring a researcher and a designer is usually the norm for infographic development.


Outsourcing your IT is pretty important. What do you do when you have down time? You need to be able to minimize this as much as possible, as it can result in you losing a ton of work if you’re not careful. You can get back up and running as quick as possible when you use Office Tek for IT services or a similar company.

Visual Content

Clear, eye-catching graphics take serious time to create. Outsourcing takes less time and effort on your part and it costs less than completing the task personally.

Finding Content for Social Media

You should always be looking for interesting content to share with other people. When you outsource this, all you have to do is provide your assistant with instructions, and let them do the curation.

Responding To Comments On Your Vlog/Blog

Of course, if you’re going to leave detailed comments on your vlog/blog, you’re probably better off doing this yourself. However, for simple “thanks!” or “I appreciate it,”  comments, you should probably outsource this task.


Automation is a massive outsourcing trend that is set to change businesses for the better now and in the future. There are already many ways you can automate, but the use of virtual agents and bots streamlining routine tasks will be powering all industries, so you should look into this now to prepare yourself for the future.

Are you looking ahead to 2019 and thinking of what you can outsource and automate? You should be! Don’t leave it until the last minute and make sure you start the next year off right. Thanks for reading!

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