Making your team more productive is not as hard as...

Making your team more productive is not as hard as you think!

If you want to create a more productive team, then there are a few simple things you can do to make this happen. Below, you’ll find some suggestions that could make a huge difference to your workplace and how efficiently things get done.

Encourage team building – but not in the way you think

It’s important to encourage team building so that your team can get to know one another better and work together more effectively. However, this isn’t team building in the way you might think. Don’t force people to do things they don’t really want to do – some team building activities can actually be embarrassing and disheartening for employees. Instead, encourage low pressure social situations such as work dinners/drinks. These bonds will carry on over into the workplace.

Find the right software

Make sure you find software that can help your team to become more productive. There are companies that will design, build, and implement solutions that improve collaboration, engage employees, reduce costs, and more. Companies like can have a chat with you and help you out if you’re not sure what you need.

Keep everybody engaged

Your employees must be engaged. You can do this by making sure you recognize their efforts, treat them from time to time, get to know them, and listen to feedback/suggestions. You should always pay attention to this and make changes where possible.

Create an awesome work environment

Your work environment will be one of the biggest factors in how efficient and productive your business is. The physical environment seriously affects how your employees feel, think, and perform when they are at work. Consider this when you design your office interior. Incorporate bright lighting (natural is best), a comfortable furniture layout and the help of plants and flowers.

Give incentives

Give Incentives to your employees if you want them to be even more productive. You can give incentives in the form of cash, free vouchers, paid vacation, extra time off, lunch-outs etc. If you want healthy and happy employees, you might even consider paying for things like their gym memberships.

Don’t get in the way

You should be giving your team an environment when they are free to do things their way. Being micromanaged can easily make them lose interest and will make your business much less productive. But how can you be sure that you don’t need to micromanage your team? Do the following:

  • Create an awesome team with a great interview/hiring/onboarding process
  • Define job responsibilities and expectations
  • Get out of the way and let them do the work

You should still be approachable, however, so that if they do have a question they won’t think twice about asking. Having confidence in your team will make the biggest difference!

Chances are, you can incorporate a few of these ideas to make your team more productive. Which of them do you think will work best for you? Leave your thoughts and any ideas of your own below!

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