Trade show success – make a business expo wo...

Trade show success – make a business expo work for you

Trade shows are a brilliant way to market your business, and certain companies can do especially well with this. If you have products or services that need a little more explaining or a demonstration to present them in the best way for example, then a business expo is perfect as it allows you to do this. What makes a trade show an incredible opportunity for small businesses is that those attending the event are actively seeking companies like yours, looking to make connections and work with people like you- however, just turning up won’t guarantee you any success. With hundreds of other companies the competition is fierce, customers won’t have enough time to stop at every one and so you need to stand out- and make the most of all of the interest that you do get. Here are some ideas for going about it.

Get your staff prepared

You might have excellent employees in your business, but some people are naturally more people-oriented than others and so when you’re deciding on who to take to the expo, this os something to bear in mind. You want staff who are friendly, engaging and are skilled when it comes to delivering information in a persuasive way. Make sure that everyone knows what they’re doing, and that they’ve brushed up on all of their knowledge about your products and services so are able to handle any questions they’re asked with ease.

Make Your Stall Interesting

There are so many stalls at trade shows, and most customers will make the decision on which to visit based heavily on its appearance. Making your trade show booth eye catching will help to draw attention, and increase the chances of people coming over. Use lights, banners and other things that will prevent you from blending in with the background. The general activity and vibe of your stall will also attract or put people off- forget the boring speeches and dull Powerpoint presentations and get quirky- anything from games to magic tricks that you have linked to your business are much more engaging. You could run competitions, host a giveaway or do something else that’s going to generally grab the attention of those walking past. You’re at the trade show to promote your business, but you need to see if from the customers side, they’ll be asking themselves ‘what’s in it for me?’ You need to ensure the information is presenting in an interesting and engaging way or they’ll simply walk past. One tip to bear in mind is that you should offer them something fun and unique, and not just the same information that they could find by searching your website.

Follow Up

All of your  effort at the trade show will be for nothing if you don’t follow up on your leads properly. Some clients and companies may contact you in the following days or weeks,but with others you might need to do the chasing. Be sure to take down email addresses and other contact details of anyone that shows interest, that way you can get in touch a week or so after the event and see if they’d like to proceed. Hand out business cards so they have access to your information too and can do some more research on your company if they need to.  

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