The many benefits of trade work

Trade work is something that’s totally underrated. But for those of you who knows someone who works in a trade, you’ll know how good it is. It’s essentially freedom, because once you learn a trade, you can work anywhere in the world. Trade work is also mainly self employed, so although you’ll be working for a company, you’ll still be your own boss in a sense. So before we start reeling off all of the benefits in this opening paragraph, we best stop ourselves right there. Because although there are many benefits to working in the trade business, there are a few negatives that we know might put people off. There’s always the worry of getting enough work, and being self employed does carry its financial risks. But we’re not trying to put you off trade work either, so let’s start this article, and properly tell you all of the benefits that trade work can bring you!

Your Own Business Route

This is one of the best benefits that we think comes from trade work. When you start out, you will most likely be the labourer. But as time goes on, you will go properly into your trade, and learn everything about it. After years and years of experience, you could go down the route of creating your own trade business. You would need things like a van, rhino roof racks, tools, and your own labourer. But going solo gives you so much freedom, more than you had before you decided to go down the route of trade work. So even if you have no experience, we think that this is a job worth going into. Whether it’s plumbing, plastering, or window fitting, there’s going to be a trade out there that suits you! You’ll have to set up like a normal business, and register so that you can pay business taxes and what not, but it will definitely be worth it in the end!

The Skills You Can Build

There are so many skills that you can build along the way that will help you in your everyday life. As soon as you find your own trade, you will no doubt believe that you can fix everything, meaning your home will always be that work in progress. And you’ll often find that trades spill over into one another, so that one day you could be earning so much money, from doing so many different jobs. For example, you could start off being a plasterer, and then go into painting, and do one big job. The potential to earn big bucks there is huge!

The Big Earners

When you start getting into trade work, you will become self employed, and everything you earn will be taxed. But there will be so many expenses that you can claim back, meaning that once a year when the tax year is over, you will have one big lump sum of money, which is always going to be handy. People get thousands for the purchases they make over the year, so think about what you could do with that!

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