Use environmentally friendly changes to boost your...

Use environmentally friendly changes to boost your finances

Making changes to your everyday life and habits can be incredibly challenging for many reasons. Understanding this could be the first step to making some positive changes. One of those alterations to your lifestyle could be taking a more environmentally friendly approach to living. The reasons for making this change aren’t actually just to do with our personal impact on the planet, but also the financial improvements it can make in your life. By making small changes to your current set up at home, you could see a boost to your finances while contributing to a better Earth.


Technology continues to evolve, and in the past few years it has started to provide solutions to one of our biggest headaches, high utility bills. Nobody likes paying the extortionate prices that energy companies expect us to fork out on a regular basis. So with this in mind, smart technology has started to introduce ways that you can save money on your outgoings all the while being more energy efficient thus improving your impact on the environment.

A lot of the people who are making these new types of tech grew up in a much more environmentally conscious era and therefore understand the need to provide customers with a product that has more than one use. For example, you can use an energy monitor in your home which tracks your usage and gives you the data so that it is easier to make changes. As part of that action, you can consider devices that are controlled by an app on your phone. We’ve all been guilty of leaving a light on or not turning a plug off, well thanks to new household technology you can check what is on in your home and turn it off without leaving your seat.

Recycling & Reuse

Utility bills are not the only area where you can save money when it comes to leading a greener lifestyle. Recycling and reuse go hand in hand with being more efficient with money. A suggestion would be to get a rainfall tank installed to collect the water that falls from the sky for free. Rainwater can be used for any number of things, including drinking after proper filtration or to assist your household plumbing. You might be surprised at your water usage, which you can calculate using advice from Clark Tanks.

In addition to reusing rainwater, you can also take clothes or other products that you are planning on throwing out and repurpose them. There is a global buzzword for this which is upcycling. This means taking unwanted or old materials and finding a new use for them, so an old jumper being turned into a cushion cover or the wood from a desk being turned into a stool. Recycling isn’t just the process of separating your different materials before the bins are collected, but you should be doing that as well.

Be environmentally conscious doesn’t have to be one size fits all. Making small changes and breaking bad habits will be the start to turning your home into a greener and more cost-efficient place.

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