Why run?

Running is something that unites people the world over and has the advantage of being one of the few sports where you don’t need too much in the way of equipment. So, if you’re looking to boost your activity goals or have found yourself in a running rut, we take a look at how to get your running on point.

You might find yourself wondering how on earth you’ll fit running into your life, especially if you’re a busy parent, office worker or run a company such as RCS Digital Printing, but whatever you do, it can be done with a little creative thinking.

First thing’s first though, despite just really about lacing up your shoes and going, we need to take a look at those shoes.

Gait Analysis

If you’re going to do one thing, get your gait analysis done properly. Go visit a running shop or professional who will look at the way you run on a treadmill. From videoing and playing back your run, they will be able to determine what kind of running style you have and, in particular, if you need shoes that support a foot that tends to over or under pronate (in effect,  tend to roll inwards or outwards). Getting this done, will allow you to run without leaving yourself prone to injury. A running specialist might also be able to give you some tips on improving your running style. Perhaps you run with your body too far forward or need to take shorter strides. Whatever advice they give you, take note it can help you run more efficiently, saving you time and energy on longer runs and prevent injury.


It’s unnecessary to spend too much on clothes but in general trousers or shorts that don’t flap around in the wind and tops that help to wick away sweat are your best option. For running in colder weather, you might add in a hat, gloves and base layer.

Why Run?

Naturally, running is great exercise which has benefits for your cardiac and aerobic health and helps keep you in shape. More than that though, running can go anywhere you do, so it’s easier to fit in a quick treadmill 5k at the hotel gym or find a running route around a beautiful location on holiday. It’s versatile and instantly makes you part of a world-wide community of runners who run for fun, for competition or just to get out in the fresh air with their dog.

Far from being harmful to your joints, when incorporated into part of a healthy diet and with properly fitted running shoes, it is quite safe and in fact strengthens the body in so many ways.Get that gait analysis done, download a training App that helps you build up your distance and speed and get out there. It’s as easy as lacing up your shoes, opening the front door and putting one foot in front of the other. You’ll be clocking up the miles in no time.

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