3 Tips to create a comfortable & productive w...

3 Tips to create a comfortable & productive work environment

Now you’re the boss, you have the power to decide the working environment you wish to design for you and your fellow staff. If this is to create an environment that is both comfortable and productive to promote wellbeing and strong work ethic, you’re in the right place. Below are a few tips to encourage these qualities from your business space.

Colour Psychology

To promote a productive environment, you could choose to change the decor of your business premises. For instance, if the existing interior is outdated, you may wish to update the look with a fresh, contemporary feel. The type of decor and colour scheme you choose should reflect your brand image but also work to instil the desired qualities from your employees. For instance, blue is referred to as the most popular colour to improve productivity. However, this is an oversimplification of colour use. As the saturation of the colour further determines its effectiveness within a business space. Such as lighter hues being regarding as more comforting and highly saturated blue is viewed as more stimulating. Following this recommendation, don’t limit your scheme to just one colour, a palette of colours can invoke an array of different feelings to achieve the desired outcome from your staff.

Neat And Tidy

A clean, tidy environment provokes a comforting, safe space to prevent your employees being lead to distraction and disgust at their surroundings. Professional cleaning is advised by services such as ServiceMaster, to maintain a sanitary environment to ensure your employees can focus their talents on the task in hand. Furthermore, an organised working environment is key to prevent distraction too. Which means books, folders and papers should be allocated a home in the office. If you are lacking storage space, be sure to invest in cabinets and filing systems for your employees to store their work and prevent a cluttered, hazardous space occurring.


This may not be possible for all working environments, but for some, this is a practical option to integrate into your business premises if you have the space to do so. By zoning your work premises, you create different work environments for your employees to attend depending on their type of work and their feelings for a particular setting that day. For instance, you may design an outdoor working area, a standing desks area, a collaboration corner with a large round table and comfortable seating, small soundproof booths for those wanting to work in solitude or focus on intense work. By creating different zones for your employees to move from and too, you are appreciating the needs of those whose work may become stagnant from sitting at the same desk amongst the same colleagues daily. Variety and diversity can help stimulate your employees, promote wellbeing and boost creativity.

Crafting a work environment that fits the needs of your business and employees, while adding the touches that add a lot of heart to your business is a conscientious approach to being an owner and manager of a company. In turn looking after your employees in this way will potentially improve their productivity, which will impact the performance of the business in a positive way.

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